Osage County is Cattle Country!

Livestock Services

Osage Regional Veterinary Clinic LLC offers a full range of herd health services and cattle processing which we tailor to each individual farm and each producer’s goals.

Cattle work can be done on your farm or at our haul in facility which features convenient pull through loading and unloading and a Flying W hydraulic tilt squeeze chute capable of handling even the largest bulls for breeding soundness exams (semen tests), hoof trims, and lameness evaluations and treatment.

Routine cattle processing available includes farm appropriate vaccinations, strategic deworming and parasite control, tagging, castration, implanting, pregnancy diagnosis, body condition scoring, and record keeping with analysis. Biosecurity and cattle safety is always a top consideration when we work cattle.

Efficient reproduction is the basis for profitability in beef cattle herds. ORVC can design and perform estrus synchronization and artificial insemination protocols specifically for your herd and desired calving schedule. We can perform all the synchronization procedures or train you so that you can be as involved in the process as you desire. Producers benefit from more concise breeding seasons, and more calves born earlier in the calving season. Those calves will be heavier calves at weaning. Not to mention that AI can bring the best genetics from anywhere in the world right to your farm! Both Dr. Nan and Dr. Kyle utilize synchronization and A.I. heavily on their family farms and can use their experience to help you.

Whether cattle are bred via AI or natural service, pregnancy checking is a cost-effective practice. Finding open cows is important to reducing feed costs. Better predicting when individual cows will calve can be useful information during calving season. With our portable Ibexx ultrasound machine we can accurately determine days of gestation beginning as early as 30 days post-breeding. We typically Body Condition Score every cow we check so that we can offer advice on cow nutrition as well as heifer development and identify fertility trends as they relate to nutritional status.

ORVC recommends having a breeding soundness examination, or a BSE (commonly referred to as a semen test) for all breeding bulls prior to turnout each breeding season. An infertile, sub-fertile, or unsound bull can cost producers thousands of dollars. In addition to an in-depth semen evaluation, we provide routine hoof trimming and lameness evaluation to help ensure your bulls are equipped to get the job done.

One of the more unique services we provide at ORVC is bull semen collection and freezing. We take all precautions to maximize fertility in the straws of semen we produce, with pricing and convenience that rivals more distant providers.

With both ambulatory and haul in options Osage Regional Veterinary Clinic offers equine owners routine services such as vaccinations, Coggins Testing (EIA), wellness examinations, health certificates, and fecal testing. We offer in house bloodwork and provide send out testing should further diagnostics be needed. We also provide emergency services for injuries, illness, and colic and provide referral for those cases should the need arise. For those interested in reproductive work, we offer ultrasound and Artificial Insemination services for mares.

We can provide initial work up for lameness and we collaborate with experts and provide referral services for those cases that we see better suited for more exploration and further diagnostic need. We work closely with other clinics in the area to provide the best care for your equine partners!